Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Journey in a vehicle called "LIFE"

Just a while ago my attention was drawn towards a blog by Mohanlal in form of a letter to the God himself. He laid out the things that we miss owing to our life's speed and the way we overlook things. In the past ten years in Radio I have met many people, read many blogs, many posts on twitter and facebook. Everyone points to one point or the other pertaining to life as a whole.

Let me stop and think what life means to a person who is living. I can see it as a passenger on a train or a bus. He is being led forward to his destination and he has no commitment or affection towards the vehicle. Life is a vehicle and while living we don't even have a clue about the destination or the driver who is God himself. 

In the careful hands of God, the vehicle goes forward, but many of the passengers keep pestering him to stop the vehicle or speed up for their own reasons. He knows the right way and we have never asked the Drivers license while boarding a bus. It is the faith in him, which lets at least some of the passengers sleep while travelling.

There are various stops in the journey some are good and some not so good. They are the successes and failures we face. We are not supposed to be in the stops for more time, but get back into the vehicle and move forward. What we see and enjoy, is to be shared with those travelling with you. 

The Vehicle life goes through very scenic paths of the journey. We never are bothered to look outside the vehicle and enjoy the journey called life. We are more bothered about the seat not being comfortable or the color of the light not pleasing, or its neatness. Have we ever taken time to clean the vehicle called life? The answer is an emphatic NO. We don't even let our co-passengers travel in peace. We always want more. the journey is endless, but our destination once reached, we have to alight. 

At least after reading this note passed on by a co-passenger, that is me, you get a chance to look around and enjoy the journey in the vehicle called Life driven by the driver God. My only request is that while in the journey never think that the vehicle is yours alone, but understand that others travel with you too...Though the vehicle is not yours, you have your responsibility to keep it clean and set an example for others by being responsible.

While I write there are many who have boarded this bus and I am just a traveler wishing you a safe and happy journey...

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