Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Best teachers in life ....

The morning alarm ripped the silence in the room. 6 am. Long day.... he thought to himself. Quickly folded the cafe Blanc filter paper cone for the machine and switched the machine on. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the room. The Pizza box was on the sink side of the kitchen. A dash of sugar in his coffee mug, which read "I am a foodies" and a quick stir... and begins the day with the mildly sweet warm black coffee. 

The day started for Kannan with the usual browsing on the net and newspaper. The day seemed to be yet another day but all that he could see was Dr. Radhakrishnan's picture and a lot about teachers. He quickly checked the date on the calendar - 5th September. As any modern techno savvy guy would do Kannan searched the net and there it was:

5 September 1888
The birth date of the second President of India, academic philosopher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, is celebrated day, where teachers and students report to school as usual but the usual activities and classes are replaced by activities of celebration, thanks and remembrance.

Google seems to be ready with the answer like a wife. An answer for everything. While whizzing past the headlines and his favorite Sudoku page, he drifted into thought which came to him as a flash.

"So many have taught me in schools and colleges.... They are not just the teachers who taught me life. Who all contributed to my stature in life today?" Kannan thought. 

The awards and medallions adorned the red stand on the wall. It seemed a bit crowded there on it. But the thought grew on him. The empty room started filling up with faces in the mind of Kannan. He took the Laptop, unplugged the charger and took it to the chair and switched it on. The windows signature tune would be the alarm for the person living next door. He opened a notepad and started.

"appa and amma" he keyed in to his laptop. "My thatha ... he told me many stories which taught me values... yes ammamma, she taught me the basics of singing. My first school...." thoughts started pouring in like a storm and names started popping up like the lights in a festive mood.

The list went on and on with some names correct and some which he had forgotten. 

"Varghese Sir, Natarajan Sir, Gangadharan Sir, Carrie Sir, Vijayan Sir ....."

He lost interest in the mundane news of the day on the papers. The TV was airing the live breaking news from around the world, the hot coffee that lured him  to wake up from the left over slumber, now seems to be waiting to be sipped, and getting cold in the cup.

Names whirred in his head like a machine and started keying them in as fast as possible.... 60 names ... now 83, more ... more... yes 120... and within an hour, he keyed in a huge list of over 200 people who made him what he was today. Kannan looked at the coffee, took a sip and found it to be cold and slugged down his throat.

He opened his facebook account and started with a smile on his face...

"To all the dearest teachers in my life who made me what I am.... On teachers day I would like to thank each and every one of them"

Clicked the photo icon and uploaded the picture collage he had made out of the list of teachers names."Post" and there it was. 

"Is it all the likes and comments that I want? I need to thank at least one of them personally. He searched his phone and got his friends number...

"da...Linu ... do you know our class teacher TT Albert Sir's number", I wanted to call him. After school have never spoken to him"

"Ya remember the cane he used to carry" Linu said abruptly

Thoughts were exchanged over 10 minutes discussing the interesting school times. Time seemed to melt away with the excited hyper talks about the teachers,  the pranks, the fun, the food, the lunch time and everything under the sun then. Linu stopped in between and said

"Kanna... here is the number ..."

Kannan carefully noted the number on a notepad on the table..."Ok da... thanks... chatya later" and hung up. 

For a second, Kannan relived those moments. He felt refreshed. Albert Sir was so strict, and is he the right person to call today... "should I, will he remember me. It’s been so long, over 20 years. He might not remember me...." he kept thinking for some time.

"bzzzzzzz" the vibrations of his smart phone made him realize the whole lot of people who have started liking and commenting on the status he had updated a while ago.

Kannan took his phone and dialed the number. There was a pause and silence... anxiety... excitement ... he did not know what to say and how to start. The phone was ringing and there was silence on this side of the phone.

"Hello ... Albert here" said a faint tired voice. 

The whole hustle and bustle around Kannan settled down. All that he heard now was that voice over the phone. The voice seemed to be frail and weak. Not the stern voice of the teacher who came to the class in classy trousers and well pressed full sleeve shirts. The word "Silence" used to reverberate in the corridors of the school when he demanded it. And it used to be silence then on in the class.

"Is it the same Albert Sir I know" Kannan thought for a moment before he replied. "Sir... I am your student Kannan"

"Kannan.... I faintly remember a few... sorry I am not able to place you ... but how are you... where are you" Kannan heard Albert Sir’s weak yet excited voice.  He seemed to be happy to hear me, Kannan thought.

"Sir.... You were our class teacher ... you taught us English and..." Kannan gave many instances for him to think back about his younger days. Some made him smile and some left him silent. Those series of smiles and silences gave the warmth to the voice. Kannan heard the long breaths on the other side of the phone....  The clock ticked in the room, which seemed to slow down for the teacher and student to travel back in time. Every other moment Kannan wished Albert Sir could place him in the huge list of students.

"Ya... I do remember the bright eyed boy, with big ears and .... and ... you were in the band troupe ... right?"

Kannan was delighted .... "Yes Sir, I was"

"Ah..... now I remember you" said Albert Sir. There was a mellowed excitement, only affected by the age and loneliness.

"Oh I am so happy that you called. I am retired now and not keeping well. So nice of you to have called... Where are you now and what do you do" Albert Sir  
talked in a slow and steady pace. 

"Sir ... I am a consultant. Now I am in Dubai. I write too, and it’s the language you taught me... that made me what I am today"

The whole world around them seemed to smile at them. The air conditioner in Kannan's apartment, took the chance to blow a cool breeze as if to celebrate this  
joyous moment of accomplishment. 

"And son..." he continued " I know I have been strict with you kids .... it’s just that I wanted you to be much better than you could imagine.... don't keep it in your minds"

There was the silence which was not commanded but fell from the heavens. Kannan could feel Albert Sir in tears. Was there a drop of tear in his own eyes too ... yes there was.

"Please call me and do come home sometimes when you come down to India.... I am alone here, wife passed away a few years back and sons are abroad" Albert Sir said. "And thanks for calling ..."

The click on the phone that cut the call was like the button of a remote to the world. The breaking news seemed to go silent. The comments on facebook did not attract him. The world seemed to be silent in all its respects. He slowly walked towards the sofa and took his laptop. Keyed in a line as his new status update

"The best teachers ever ... age and realization". Post.... 

Kannan did not want to look at the post or comments or the scandals posted on facebook thanks to Zuckerberg. He looked at himself and smiled. took the phone and dialed again

"Da bro Linu .... I need more numbers...will send you the list".

Monday, February 22, 2016

Indelible Scars ....

Evenings were busy as always till Appa arrived. Little Kannan has his own ways of spending time, at times it would be carving a writing chalk, writing or sometimes painting. Kitchen used to be the bustle of activities where Amma was preparing the evening snacks and dinner. That was the time Pachai, Kannan's elder sister would always be with Amma sharing her day. That evening Kannan was busy with his work in his room when Akka was sharing the day with Amma. From everything that happened since she left in the morning. Kannan heard Akka cry to Amma and that caught his attention. He slowly walked towards the kitchen door without making much noise. He stood there at the door listening to them without being seen. 

"And she was mocking me and asked me what the mark was in my hand ..." Akka was talking to Amma with tears rolling down her cheeks and pointing at the red scratch mark in her right hand. 

"Its ok" said Amma... calmly dropping the next puri into the hot oil

The sizzle of the dough in oil was more silent than the sobs of Akka. Kannan was scared what might happen next as the marks on akkas hands were the result of the fight that happened the previous evening. It was a silly fight over mixing up the books on her table, tearing a piece of her notebook for paper and those are things which she would never like. Fights were usual between Kannan and Akka and he was equipped with nails to fight the age of his elder sister. The nails had left a scratch on the white pale skin of akka, which was the topic of discussion in the kitchen.

"Will Amma scold me or would it reach Appa" Kannan thought to himself, and continued to listen to the discussion inside the kitchen.

"But Amma ... I did not tell her that Kannan and me had a fight..." Akka continued with tears rolling down in cascade..." I told her that the pet cat had scratched me while I tried to lift him"

"Don’t worry ... Amma said calmly, he is a small boy... you are elder to him and you should take care of him. You go wash your face and study ... go dear" 

Kannan felt choked in his throat. 

"What have I done...? I shouldn't have" Kannan thought.

He slowly walked away to his room sad. And sat there with his books and crafts around him. Nothing seemed to excite him as the grief was overwhelming that he was wrong and put her sister to such a situation. It was the realization that his actions put his beloved sister to shame and insult that made him more withdrawn. It was nothing big, but for the small mind to fathom the lightness of the situation, it was really difficult. He did not get out of his room for coffee that evening. The evening was silent without the usual fights or pranks. 

"Kanna..." he heard his Akkas sweet voice "Come for dinner... quick"

There was love and affection in her voice. She seemed to have forgotten the incident after the discussion with Amma. A silent dinner, the night’s sleep and the morning sun changed the little Kannan for sure. He was determined not to physically hurt his sister anymore.

Years passed and the incident was just a lost note in the huge library of memories they shared. Kannan was on an official trip to the US. He finished his meetings and reached the Children's Hospital of Pittsburg, UPMC. The busy sidewalks and the parking were as stereo typed as any other busy city.  He closely looked at the boards which read "Main Entrance, Mid Campus Garrage, Penn Garrage, Research Centre and a few others. He walked through the sliding glass doors of the main entrance. The air had the clean and sterile scent of medicines and disinfectants. He went to the reception and asked for Dr. Pachanayaki. He was meeting her after many years.

"The third room on the right" said the old staff on the reception who was busy attending to a whole lot of patients at the same time directing them to the respective doctors.

Each step towards the room, Kannan was reminded of the discussion Akka had with Amma in the kitchen. He saw the board at a distance. The years of studies and work, he was proud of his Akka. She has lived all her life spent in studies and more studies alone. He remembered the days when he used to drop her to the college on his bike. The time they spent singing while the power went off. The small pleasures and times of togetherness and the silly fights they had.

"Dr. Pachanayaki A, MD - Paedeatric Endocrinologist"

And it seemed to move farther as he walked closer. He saw a familiar face walk out of the room... the spectacles and the doctor’s coat, the steth in her hand and the same sweet smile. For a moment he saw the sister in her teens with the two braids of long hair and in her school uniform standing next to amma in the kitchen. The incident which changed him. The silly fight and the scar. The images of the discussion in the kitchen flashed his mind again and again.

"Ah... Kanna... how was your day, you said you would be coming home ..." Akka said in her same sweet voice.

Time seemed to have made her voice more mature. He stood there smiling and not saying anything. 

"Oh well... it was hectic, couldn’t make it" he said with his much earned life's maturity.

Though they rarely talked over the phone owing to the mundane work and life they had, the talk seemed to start from where they had left years back before her marriage and relocation to the US. Pachai looked at his brother. He has grown so much. Looks much older. She thought to herself.

They walked to the cafe nearby while talking about many things that they had missed due to busy schedules and took the coffee to the typical round table with cozy couches around it. They sat down and sipped the coffee. She removed the long sleeved coat and put it carelessly on the back rest of the seat and placed the steth on the table. The red knitwear and the jeans never made her look elder to Kannan. She pushed the sleeve of her sweatshirt and sat down. Kannan looked at the pale white right hand of his Akka and saw no marks there... but his heart still had the scars left by the small scuffle between the little brother and her sister. He never discussed the hurt and kept it to himself. 

He was calm outwardly with his heavy heart still telling him "I shouldn’t have hurt her. She is my only sister. Akka might have forgotten it by now. So silly of me" Kannan thought to himself. 

Someday the scar in the mind would be gone too. The bond was still there between them shared with a smile. The kid brother and sister still fight in dreams but love each other as long as time stands. In their hearts they are still the same... the two braids with the white ribbon with the school uniform, the red shorts and the loose T shirt. Kannan and Pachai will be kids forever in the beautiful minds with no scars in the love they shared for each other.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

And time melts away ...

"Passengers your attention please ...."

The flight had landed and the wait was getting more anxious. The announcements, cab drivers waiting for their turn, the coffee vendor, the busy morning newspaper stand, the air crew and the cleaners wiping the floor, the sounds of the cars moving. The airport receiving area was a bustle of activities. He was seeing his mother after a long time. 

"Time please ..." the person standing next to him asked.

"6:55" he said quickly looking at his watch

"Would the long haul flight have been comfortable... did she sleep off in the flight... how will she manage the luggage..." such questions pestered Kannan's mind. 

He quickly sipped the last few drops of coffee with the left over  wet sticky sugar in it giving it a shockingly sweet taste and rushed towards the gate where the passengers had started getting out. He saw his amma coming out of the gates. Her eyes were searching for her son among the crowd impatiently waiting for their loved ones. 

"... Did she see me ... oh how could she miss me..." He thought to himself.

He saw the smile on her face and understood that she has seen her son. He rushed through the crowd and took her trolley and gave her a quick smile and asked.

"So how was the flight ... everything fine"

She looked at the grey hairs, the tired looks, times indelible marks on her sons face... he has gone thin than before... is he alright... does he have food properly on time ...she thought to herself and quickly replied.

"Oh yes... it was very comfortable... you came alone"

"Appa wanted to be at home and your Badhra is busy preparing breakfast for you ... your favourite appam and stew" he said smiling

The images of him as a kid flashed through her mind quickly. The bright eyes, big ears, black thick hair, the dirt on his shirt when he comes home after playing... it was an array of images that flashed in her .... was it heart or the mind...she never knew. She wanted to ruffle his hair as she used to do when he was a kid. He has grown up and would not be liking if I treat him like a kid. I should hold myself strong... She decided.

The morning wind was cool and the pulled down windows of the car let in the moist wet aroma of the sand drenched in the previous night’s rain. The soothing wind relaxing after being inside the airtight aircraft for over 6 hours. Amma was tired and was trying to keep herself awake... 

"We are buying a farm in Tamil Nadu... its good, and the talks are on... we got a good price... they were asking for 90 but settled in 75 ..." He went on and on ...

She did not know when she dozed off into a light sleep and all that she could remember was the wall behind her kitchen at home. She saw herself stand there and talk to Geetha. 

"Yesterday I went to Kannan's painting exhibition... it was nice... he paints so much, he does well. Vijayan sir said he has a bright future... he sings too... but I want to get him trained in violin... he is smart"

Geetha was listening to her smiling... which was usual to her. Every tea time, the gathering place was the green mold spread small wall which separated the two houses. Ramu and shamu were small and they would be seated on the wall while they talked to each other every other day. They used to share their small happiness and sorrows over a cup of tea by the wall.

"I was there too ... he is good" said Geetha

They went on and on sipping the tea about their children. 

"Here comes the star" said Geetha when she saw 9 year old Kannan run towards them.

Amma abruptly stopped the talk and looked towards him and said:

"You only know to play and make fights. See how dirty your clothes are... how can you be so irresponsible... see Ramu and Shamu .. They are so well groomed... learn something from them"

Her harsh words, slowed the small artist down. Kannan smiled at Geetha Chechi and waved at Ramu and Shamu and walked into the house through the kitchen door, head held low.

"Kids will get spoilt if we appreciate them or in front of them" Amma said softly to Geetha.

She went inside to find her son tired after all the playing and fights with his cousins. 

"What happened ... are you all right" she asked Kannan

"Amma ..." he said softly "Can I lie on your lap for sometime ..." he asked her.

Amma was woken up by the screech of breaks. She woke up to see appa standing there smiling at the door. 

"Back to square one" she said.."I am back to my routine"

The opening of the baggage and the talk and food all took away a good amount of time. After the lunch Kannan walked towards amma and asked her.

"Is everything alright at akkas place"

She went silent and after a short while she said "She is fine".

The silence spoke a thousand words to the mother and son. Appa had gone to sleep and Badhra had stepped out for her meetings scheduled for the afternoon. 

"Amma ..." he called out softly "can I lie down for sometime on your lap"

She saw the same 9 year old Kannan again before her. Head held low. Tired after his 31 years of life from then. Amma smiled and hid the tears that were about to slip down through the corner of her eyes. The silence was peace for them ... the air condition broke the silence but was just not heard anymore. Years of tiredness and time seemed to melt away on the mother’s lap when the old hands ruffled his hair.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Half an hour ....

As usual the lights went off. It was the scheduled power cut in the city which plunged the street in darkness. His old hands searched for the match box. Carefully with the shaky hands he lit a match and lit the candle. His eyes were wet with tears, face frilled with the eighty years of his life, most of which went in the toil for his two children, he lifted the candle and moved towards the hall. The walls had pictures of his children, their spouses and a few with their mother. He lit another candle on one corner of the room. The room lit up in the candlelight like the early morning skies. He could hear the buzz outside on the streets. He thought to himself:

"If ... If I could spend some time with my children, I would have been in those pictures ..."

With a big sigh and trembling  hands he picked his spectacles and the letter beneath it. It was the print out of an email his son  had sent him from abroad.

Dear appa
I would be coming home on the 25th. I will manage the transportation from the airport. Don’t  bring the car please. You need to take rest. I had called amma. She is coming on the 1st. She is  fine with akka. Hope you are doing fine. Do you need anything from Dubai
Your son

He would have read the letter over a hundred times, but still kept reading it. He had a whole lot  of emails, which had the typical corporate language his son was used to, printed and filed in his office table. This one was the latest. Waiting for his son was not easy as the age had made him frail, but still kept the smile when tears of joy rolled down the  ridges of his cheeks from the corner of his eyes. The eyes which never got time to look at his son  grow as all that while he was working to provide the best he could for his children. 

He looked at the ticking clock and was eagerly waiting for his son to arrive. He never knew to  express his love with hugs or words. He only had the smiles and nothing  but that. He went and checked the phone in the darkness twice, checking whether there was a  call. He looked at the mobile his son had given him the previous year again and again. No calls yet.

Went to the door and opened it to check whether his son has reached. No one yet at the door. He  would again and again look out of the window to see a cab coming... or rush to the door when he  hears a car stopping by. Slowly the time passed and he was very impatient to see his son. Every moment of his life was filled with the urge to show  the love for his son, but was worried whether he would be spoilt with the amount of love he had  for him. He thought to himself:

"Its been so long ... he is grown up now... he has his family .. will he feel strange if I hug him?"

He heard the bell ring while he was lost in thought. He got up from the chair and he opened the  door with a smile:

"ah ... how was the flight... did you have something"

He stopped at that with his heart beating so fast in excitement and the desire to hug his son with all the warmth in his heart.

"It was ok ... slept well, the fringe benefit of flying business class"

He said, while he hid the desire to hold his appa tight to himself in a hug. But held himself back  thinking, what he might think.

"If you had dinner, have fruits ... shall I make a coffee for you"

He asked trying to express his affection still looking at him as he used to look when he came home  from the office.

"Take rest... what plans for tomorrow... do you have any meetings scheduled"

He said in his firm voice, which had the love in his heart. And prayed in his heart that he says that  he would spend the day with him... the whole day... just to be with him and nothing but that.

"Yes... have a morning meeting with clients and a few other lined up for the day."

Said the son. His heart sank and tried not to show it to his beloved son, as he never wanted to be a stumbling block in anyone’s life, least to his own son.

"I have made your bed in the ac room, it is nice ... I will sleep in the other room" appa said. 

"bzzzzzzzz.... bzzzzzzzzz"

The usual smart phone buzz echoed the room, when his son picked up the call and started  talking...

"Hello ... ya... reached safe... ok ... ok..."

He looked at his father's eyes wet with tears. He was looking tired and seemed sad. He paused for moment and continued with his call ...

" I can be there by 9 the best... ok ... ok"

He saw his appa making coffee for him. 

"Appa still knows my likes and dislikes ... he knows I want coffee ..." He thought to himself. "I have these few days and I will be back with my work and  ...."

Appa was bringing the small mug full of coffee sweet with his love for his son... Seeing his son on the phone he kept the mug on the table and pointed at it ... asking him to have it while it is hot. Still on the phone busy scheduling meetings the son saw his appa walk slowly in the cold darkness of the night towards his room inside, where he would spend time watching TV and sleep off in the chair ....

"Can you do me a favor... can you postpone the meetings  and schedule the same after two days....ok.. thanks a ton", he said quickly.

The phone went silent as he cut the call. He stood up and walked towards his appa, and said:

"Appa...", He called, "Can I spend a day only with you, not doing anything else"

The room was filled with the candle light, silence and the love alone. The father and son looked at each other  for a moment. Four eyes had a few drops of love in them. And for the first time, without thinking  anything they hugged each other.... That was the best warm, loved and blessed half an hour of both their lives ... the lights came on, after the load shedding  exercise of the electricity board... Or was it love that brought the brightness to their lives ...

Monday, February 15, 2016

Tears of joy

Far away from the buzz of life there was a village where tears lived. Tears of different kinds. Big and small, of pain and joy. Each day they set out to the world and lived their days in the eyes of people. Every time they flowed through the eyes of the people  they got stronger. Life moved on with each tear drop day after day. As the days went by the chief of the village saw one strange thing that was happening to them. Tears of joy were less in number and were slowly drying out. Some tears of joy were sick in bed and some dried up on the way back. Tears of sorrow, tears of despair and tears of distress were healthy and fat.

The chief said to everyone....

Find a way to keep them strong
Make it fast and not too long
We have the tears of joy today
We should treasure them everyday

To keep the tears of joy for tomorrow the chief took the tears to the mountains and the mountains said

Tears are salty and I have no way
To keep them healthy all the way
They will fall and wet my chest
I have no time for such a jest

So the tears went to the seas and requested to hide the tears of joy for tomorrow. And the sea replied

I have more salt than any of you
Have a place to hide a few
But once you shed them into me
Will not find them ever to see

The possibilities of hiding the tears of joy was getting weaker and weaker. They all went to a sage by the forest and told them their worry that the tears of joy are getting weaker by the day and the sage said

Laugh out loud and the world
Laughs with you for every word
But cry and you may cry aloud
To find you all alone in the world

But .... said the chief to the sage, The world is filled with people who want to tears of joy, they make it strong for all the negative ones...

The sage smiled and said to the chief

Tears are pearls that live a while
Ugly are the ones with pain
But they take away the pain a while
People have their peace again

Is there a way to find how to make tears of joy live again ... asked the chief

Look for mothers who love and care
Look for children who love to share
Look for little moments of joy
Look for innocence hid in a boy

Hide them now so no one sees
Hide them till the sea recedes
They are treasures seldom found
Hide them from the weeping ground

The chief thanked the sage and they all went to the world of love and met all they could. Each one came and took the tears in them and kept them hiding forever. Till now the tears of joy are rare to find but they hide in many ways and here are a few of the tips and tricks to bring them back really quick....

They hide in love and hide in care
They hide in a child's smile so bare
They hide in beauty and success
Shed them more and make them strong

Make a garland from the pearls called the tears of joy which come in disguise to you, find them and make it the ornament you would love to wear the cherish the moments of joy. Smile and laugh till you make the tears of joy flow and get strong for them to live tomorrow for you.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hearts of Love ...

Valentines day when the whole world celebrated love. The love that needed roses and gifts to express itself. A love that understood the needs of a loved one. The love that was as precious as a breath. And the world of celebrated the essence of Life - Love.

Long time ago there was no symbol to represent the love and those who expressed love were not sure how to represent love. That was the day when the eyes lips and heart had their importance more than any other day. The eyes lips and hearts around the world came together at the love world for once to decide who was more important to the lovers and the symbol of love. The most beautiful eye s fluttered like the most beautiful butterflies. The lips around the world looked their best at the congregation dishing the most beautiful words for the loved ones and looked like flowers in bloom. The hearts drummed away the beats of life and love, treasuring every moment and marking the passage of time....

The lord of love arrived to hear the most intriguing question in the world: " who is more important in love... the eyes lips or the hearts...

The best of the best eyes came forward before the Lord and said:

From the time of Adam, we adore beauty the best
We are the worshiped eyes that sweep the rest
We are the lovers that see the love and we are
The expression of love at its best, by far

The eyes that worship love, that see nothing when in love and the eyes of a mother in love with the child all applauded and the court was in awe and wonder how the lips and hearts will fare.

The luscious lips came to the front with the most beautiful smile ever and spoke:

We speak the love, share the love and we are
The best to say the verses of love by far
We come together and leave a feel of love
The warmth love lives in a kiss of love

The lips of poets that spoke the love, the lips of mother and lovers who shared the love and the lips that kissed the last when one loses the love all were in tears of joy when they heard the love.

The heavy heart came forward and spoke without skipping a beat:

I feel the love, I share the love, I feel the pain again
When in love and when its lost I bear the same again
I am the love of those who see no more, and the ones
Who say no more, I am the one to beat the last in love

The court went silent and felt the pain of the heavy heart. The mothers heart who bore the pain when her son left her for love, the lovers heart who bore the pain when his love left him far and all the hearts of the world present cried the tears of blood.

The eyes shut themselves in pain and the lips went mute, the hearts just went on to beat in love and still beat the same. The hearts still speak two words of love within and the words are nothing but: Love Love ...

The Lord of love made the heart the symbol of love and still stands true to this day. The celebration of love is with the hearts that we share, the hearts that care and the hearts that are aware of nothing but the love. The next time you see a loving heart have your hearts to speak. And I am sure that they would says the words of love.

Love is in the hearts that say
The words of love today
Have them beat for love and say
I share my heart today ...

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Miracle Factory ...

In the clouds above the snow capped mountains there was a miracle factory, where God designed special miracles for his loving children on the earth. He made them with care to suit the needs of each one. Every time it rained the factory would send all the miracles down to the earth. The miracles roam around searching for its rightful owners. They kept roaming for them to be picked up and embraced. The design was such that the embrace would get them activated. Some big some small but there was enough for one and all...

Many of the miracles were never picked up and were sad roaming around the hills and valleys. One of such miracles went up to the factory and knocked Gods doors. And God asked him:

"Why are you here and why are you sad?"

Miracle replied:

I went to my owner, but he doesn’t want me. He says I am small and of no use to him. Why did you make me like this and why doesn’t he want me?

God replied:

"You are the best I can give him, but he wants something which does not suit him. Go again and wait for his hug"

The small miracle came back to the earth with the blessings from God. He went again to his master and waited for him to be picked up. The master looked at him and said:

I asked God for something nice
Something that has its price
You are small and not so nice
Go away from me, I despise

Miracle went away sad for the time being... but to come back soon. Again the miracle was shooed off by his master. Seeing this a young man next door, went up to the miracle. 

He asked:

Oh little miracle... what ails you

And the miracle replied:

I am a drop of love, so small
He needs me not and sees me not
All he needs is name and fame
And love is all I have ever got

With a warm smile he said:

I have a home, but not so warm
But I stay alone and I stay calm
Come with me oh little one
Share my hugs to keep you warm

He picked the miracle and hugged him with all the warmth he had...
The miracle started working and the smiling miracle said:

I am a drop of love but not so small
I can change the world and hold a fall
I can change the luck and the lucky star
Will take you up and take you far

With the miracle of love, the young man prospered so well. He met the love of his life, a princess and was very happy. All the riches, name and fame reached him from far and wide. And one day the man who had shunned the miracle came to the court where the princess and the miracle man were hearing the worries of the lands subjects. He was sad, wrinkled and in shambles... his voice could be barely heard, but he spoke:

I have no life, and have no way
To live or eat once a day
Help me Lord and princess sweet
Can I make my both ends meet

The miracle man walked down the court steps and went and hugged the sad man. With tears in his eyes he said to him:

All I live is the life you gave
All these days I searched for you
These are wonders of the drop of love
Which you shunned, and threw
Was a gift from heaven above.

He gave him loads and loads of wealth that he had ever wanted. But he was never happy again. Miracles do happen when we embrace them with our heart. The best miracle you can get is a smile when your tears retreat. The miracle for you is waiting at your doorstep.... Go embrace it.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Best smile ever...

Far off in a corner of the heavens, there was a contest being held to find the best smile on earth. All the smiles from around the universe had gathered there. Every smile had a charm of its own. All were decked up to look their best. Young old and new smiles were gathered to find who the winner of the contest would be. The judges King and Queen of "Hearts"arrived and all stood up. All laughs went silent, scorns and smirks went hiding behind the laughs who had assembled there for the contest.

The Jack of spades came forward and announced to the royal gathering:

"With the grace of the Lord, The King and Queen of hearts ... let the contest begin"

The excitement was building in the court room. And came forward "The sparkling smile" to the stage...

I am the one who reigns the winners
I live to show the world the gain
I bring laurels to the world of winners
Who win the hearts and reign

Everyone applauded. He was happy and gave way to the next. The "Shining Smile" came forward

I am the best a girl can have
I make her pretty and suave
I win the hearts of handsome men
No one knows why or when

Smirk and scorn had a laugh and walked away. Others applauded and waited for the next. That was when "Royal smile" came forward pushing away a few other smiles...

I live in the lips of kings and queens
I am best seen on the royal teens
I live not on any petty lips
Rare I am on adored lips

Many smiles from different parts of the world came and expressed their specialties. And came the run of a simple smile ... He came before everyone and stood silent. The court was mocking at him as the best of the world had already been there on the stage. 

The jack of Spade came and said
"Speak up or you will be thrown out"

The simple smile cleared his throat... trying to speak. But he was scared to stand before the royalty and other great smiles. Smiles that adorn the best of the best waited for him to speak. And he said in a soft voice, as that of a wind that blows in the morning and kisses the dew and not let it fall.

I am a simple smile & that's all I know
I have nothing more and I feel so low
All I know is to wipe the tears
And I come to clear some fears

I live in the lips of those who care
I see me not in those who dare
I have no difference with rich and poor
I live in the hearts so clear and pure

The court went silent. Even the King of Hearts went silent. The Queen was silent for a moment and then she put her hands together and applauded with all her heart. Tears of joy came running from behind the pillars of a the court and hugged The simple smile. And so the Simple smile was awarded "The Best Smile" in the world.

He still lives in you when you are happy. 
He sees you in the time of need, 
When you need some little courage 
And comes to you forever indeed.

Share a simple smile and make the world a little more happier.