Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Some thoughts ... March - April 2015

Good moments to you...
More fun than yesterday 
Or more than everyday 
No worries or fear I pray
Dread no more of shades of grey
And know your blessings for the day
You are wished a Happy Monday 

TUESDAY - To Use Everything Specifically this Day to Advance Yourself 

A great Tuesday that takes you closer to your success and happiness.

The warm sunshine this day 

Is here for you to stay 
To give you a brighter day
To keep the worries away
The very few words I say
Is what I wish and pray
That you have a greater day
Than tomorrow or yesterday 

Or should i say Happy Friday

I sat a day and thought of you 

I start a day wishing you 
I say today be the best to you
It's Saturday and god bless you 
Have a great day ahead 
Happy Saturday 

Every day of this month gives you a life's instruction ... March. March forward in life with a smile with those who are with you. Those who are not with you are not meant to be. So march to the rhythm of your heart beat and leave the world behind. 

One smile ... few words ... a mail or at least a thought can brighten up someone's day. Remember to be the reason for that someone's reason to be happy. You are thought about now with a smile and may God brighten up your day.

As per Norse traditions Thor is as powerful as Zeus in Greek mythology or Indra in Indian mythology. And the day dedicated to Thor is Thursday. And so may this day make you powerful and confident. Make the best out of this day and the days to come. May God bless you with happiness and prosperity. Keep smiling at adversities and challenges as it makes them look silly. You are thought of as Thor the mighty. Good moments to you..

Days gone by is a threat no more

Brooding on it, you fret no more
Scary thoughts, you pet no more
May your cheeks be wet no more

Newton's third law says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That happens only when I don't post anything. The reaction no reply. So today I wish you good moments again with no expectations in return. Have a wonderful day and fill it with smiles. I wished the same yesterday but couldn't send you the same. Remember to smile even today and make the most of it. 

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you think you cry alone. That's because your tears don't see those who cry with you or lend you a shoulder to cry. This day comes to you with a prayer that each day be filled with laughter and tears of joy. 

For every happy or sad moment ...

Remember to smile and receive it ...
In case of trouble you know what to do...
Even in times of crisis you have a solution...
Not only the blessings come in disguise...but the
Divine sunshine is just near you....
So always be happy 

Read the first letters of the lines and you will get my name. God bless you always

March on forward ... March on Monday

Day after day you March
This day is Monday of March
May you March on says Kay
May this one be a blessed day 
With all that you wish for & pray
Remember to smile like every day
Coz its the gift of God ... Today
Let fun be more and worries be few
God Bless You ... Good Moments to You ...

Another day dawns filled with sunshine and surprises. All for you to enjoy and cherish. Thank God for all the blessings and all the tough moments are to make you stronger. God bless you and remember to smile throughout.

March 21 is Mothers day in UAE. Wish you a really happy 


One of its kind 
Special Day. 
Coz this day is dedicated to mothers and motherhood alone. Remember to smile and god bless you.

Dedicate a smile for yourself. Think of the good things in life for a moment you have done for others and others have done to you. Your smile would be brighter is what you have done more good. Keep brightening the smile as that is the best way to thank god for yet another day we have got. Share a smile and make others smile too. Have a smiley day ahead. God bless you. ..

I send you a little sunshine 

To make your day bright
To let you scale the height 
To make sure there is no fight
To make your moments light
To give you all the might
To keep you smiling till night
I send you a little sunshine

To wish you enough for the day 

As another day blooms we grow a day older, we grow a day wiser, and get a chance to be a day better than before. Good ...
better ... best ... never let them rest. Until your good becomes better And better the best. Have a blessed day ahead. Remember to keep smiling. 

A journey of thousand miles starts with the first step. May this day be the stride in a successful journey called life. With a smile greet the day as this day is yours. Live every second to the fullest and wish you 86400 seconds of happiness and success. Remember to smile throughout and thank God for the gift called "Today". 

Live your day like the last 
Invest your thoughts in its best
Find new roads to swift past
Earn your love n respect in the test
That's all you need in your life...
Have a great day ahead and god bless you. 

The wake from the sleep is a sign that You have someone important to do this day as per God's plan. So smile is your preparation and God's grace is your weapon to fight for the right and clear the obstacles. Keep smiling. 

Listen to your heart today. It says "Love God" "Love God". Both mean the same. Love is God and God is love. May this day bring you all the love and godliness to you. Smile listening to what the heart says as it is the truth hidden in you. 

Sun shines to tell you 
That you can shine
The wind blows to tell you 
That all troubles shall breeze past
The showers from the sky
Tells you god showers his blessings
Nature tells you how you have god by your side always 
Remember to smile and receive the blessings of God each day.

Bright new day with divine grace and happiness is ready for you. Are you smiling and ready to receive it. This day comes with a special wish and 24 hours dedicated to you alone. Make the best of every second by filling it with happiness.

A bright new day is waiting for your special touch. The day has controls and you have the remote control for the same. Remember to increase the brightness with smiles adjust the contrast with love increase the vibrance of colours with your work and adjust the sharpness with talent. Live life in full HD - Happy Day. 

God created you for a purpose. Even the smallest being amoeba has a role to play in the universe. Are you smiling and ready to be the reason for something special. What you are and what you can do is unique. So make a difference today in the world and be the difference. Be the special one ...

Be the sun to the darkness 
Be the star that shines
Be the warmth to the one who needs
Be the answer to someone's prayers 
Be the blessing be the same 
Because you are you and you alone

There are days when you feel dull, not so energetic. Thats the time, you have to look back to the best of the best days. Our happy days are the source of the power we need to go forward. Know that you are the best and deserve the best. Remember to smile at those days which made you strong and thank God for his gifts.

Gift a smile to someone special. 


And the special person is YOU. Share it with others too.

God has gifted you another day to see what you do with it. Fill it with smiles and love, not tears and regrets. Fill it with the best you can do and in return get success and prosperity. Know that it is a limited offer. So make the most of the day. God bless you. 

Everyday is a worship.

Willing to fight forward 
Observe and react to situations
Relentlessly love life
Serve the needy and smile 
Have a positive attitude 
Improve yourself 

Prove your worth to yourself 

Who is your best friend and who is your worst enemy? The answer is the same. YOU. When you tell yourself to go the extra mile and succeed you become your best friend. When you tell yourself that you can't make it you become your worst enemy. The best way to get rid of the enemy is to make friends with him. Be your best friend and take the world in your stride. 

Tug of war is the only game where you win when you get back. Race is won when you are ahead. Life is neither a game of tug of war or a race. Its neither won by living in the past nor in the future. It's best when you live in the present. Enjoy every moment you live and thank God for the gift of life.

For one moment think that you are all alone in this world. No one to talk to, no one to compete, no one to win over, and no one to care for. Then you will realize what the world means to you. So forget the negatives and start loving the world for what it means to you. Remember to smile and receive the blessings of God.

After inventing instant coffee instant snacks and instant messaging, man now runs behind instant happiness and instant success. But without realizing that we live in the instant and literally the happiness and success is a space away. So go forward and grab your success. But knowing that there is a space to conquer. Do it with a smile.

A wood cutter was given five days to cut a tree. He spent four days to sharpen his axe. The fifth day he cut the tree with one cut. How much time do we spend to sharpen our talents. Luck is defined as when preparation meets opportunity. Be prepared with your sharpened axe of talent as the opportunity is round the corner. Stay lucky. 

I send you a smile today 
Simple way to brighten the days
Making the best of the twisted ways
I wish you a day better than other days
Loving caring and the heart it prays
Ever after may be your best of days

God bless you with happiness and prosperity. 

Peace be with you today 
As said in Isopanishad 
May God bless you to move from untruth to truth from darkness to light and from death to immortality. Peace peace peace

Perceive Each moment Always as Calmly as you can for Ever. 
Peace is within you as a gift from God. Remember to smile and receive the blessings.

Every day begins with a rise and ends with a set. Sunrise brings the light in our lives and every sunset gives you the moon rise. May this day bring you the divine light when you rise and shine through the day and the evening set you free from sadness and troubles. The moon rise will cool your evening and the sleep till the moon set gets you set for another day. Till then smile your way through and have gratitude for all that you receive. 

A bright sunrise like your future 
A cool breeze like happy moments
A drizzle of rain like love and care

I wish you a day where all are there

Wish you a golden day in your life today. Why is gold so important. Gold gets nothing from you but it means a lot to you. Gold does not get impure like other metals. That's why God's idols are made of Gold. A golden cross is considered sacred. May this day be of great value to it. Sacred and blessed by God.

Wish you a wonderful day like water. Quenches thirst, cools the heat, makes solutions and keeps flowing. Divinity is also like water. It flows from higher altitudes to lower. Being humble and low gets the flow of divinity towards you. May every thirst of you be quenched. May the heat of stress and anxiety be cooled by the divine waters. Hence the name theerth yathra as it is a move from high ego to humility. Keep smiling and be sure to be in clear flowing waters and be refreshed.

Say no words that blows smiles away
Try no act that flows as tears any day
Run no thought that keeps happiness at bay
Ease your days with love and care 
Smile at things that make you dare
Share a smile whose cheeks are wet

Remember to include a prayer for the unfortunate.

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