Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Seaside fable ...

Once upon a time in a far off beach, it rained heavily and the sea got rough. The sea hit the land and lashed all its anger on him. The land smiled and held her in his arms. He said to her,

"I will be there for you always...."

The summer sun scorched the land and he was burning hot as if he had fever. The waves hit the sand gently and said

"shhhhh ... everything will be all right" and washed away all his tears.

The sun went hiding in shame seeing the care the sea had for the land and the land's love for the sea. The sea smiled at the land and kept talking to him day and night - whispering to him all that she saw around the world. Taking the tears of the land away into her heart. She turned salty with the lands tears.

The land said to her,

"When you smile, sun hides behind the clouds thinking that there is something more than suns shine in it"

Every moment of the day and night the land opened its arms to hold the sea when its tears fell on her. And told the sea... 

"I will be there always to hold you till the world exists, however harsh you get or how soft you become."

And the sun came from behind the mountains to see the sea and land hold their hands together again ...The land took the salt and made the water pure again. He threw a spring out to the world and told the world that his sea is pure and sweet. 

The sun got envious and made the waters of the stream a cloud. Seeing the clouds, the land prayed hard. The prayers of the land brought back the sweet rain and filled the heart of the sea, and they still talk day and night. 

And still the sea tells her beloved land ....

"shhhh ... everything will be all right"