Friday, January 8, 2016

Sunshines smile

It was a cold winter night when Sun was hiding behind the eyelids of the dark night. Night opened its eyes after a sound sleep with dreams decked with the shining stars. From behind the eyelids the sun saw a bright new day. With every step he was getting close to his love earth.

She was beautiful, when the sun saw him. With the flowing rivers and the green filled mountains, deep blue sea. She was as colurful as he had dreamt about her at night. He looked at her and smiled. The earth blew a soft kiss to the Sun and sent it with the morning wind.

The bright red sun came close to her and said:
" I have come to see you ..."

She smiled and turned all her sun flowers towards him. and shyly said:
"I was waiting for you ..."

He wanted to stop and be with her, but was cursed to burn himself and run all day by night and return to hide behind her eyelids at dusk, till she lets him go.

As the sun started running, all the sun flowers kept looking at him, with all the love and adoration. Birds kept singing and dancing at the sight of the sun. The Sun was so excited and wanted to hug the earth with all his love and warmth. But the curse kept him burning and running all day. He forgot the heat he had and scorched the soft deserts of the earth at noon.

"Oh no... what have I done", the sun said to himself and burnt more in sadness

Seeing her beloved in pain, earth stretched her arms as clouds and wiped the tears of the sun. The suns tears made the clouds wet with his tears of love and repentance. He squeezed the clouds and poured it over his love to cool her down. The tears fell on his beloved as rain. The trees, mountains, deserts and plains all got drenched in the love.

By then the dark night saw the sun in love and started pulling him towards her. As he was going away from his love, the sun said:

"I leave a few sunshine smiles just for you
To think and dream about me as you do
I will be back with love by morning time
To see your smile, when I come to you

My tears will cool you, as I burn
From your love I wish to learn
How you long for a gentle touch
With all the love in the flowers and fern"

The night pulled him into her eyes and kept him shaded till the dawn. But as he left saying the few lines, he turned red - the colour of love, leaving a few rays of sunshine smiles for his love. Since then earth waits for his beloved every morning, with the smiles in her memories all through the night. Every evening the earth says to her beloved Sun ...

"I live to see your morning smile
I need the warmth of love a while
When you leave me a sunshine smile
I know you will come to me, after a while.

I will wait for you till the night recedes
Opens its eyes and the day reveals
Till you come to me, my heart feels
Love is your smile and it heals"

Every dusk, the sun and the earth exchange smiles and wait for a bright new morning when they would meet again, smile again ...


  1. Sharp simple and enlightening words. Waiting for more. Thank you Kris

  2. Amazing stuff homes. Loved it ! Thought provoking !- Zan

  3. Really awesome.. Loved it..

  4. Xlnt .Narrated in sequence .keep going on Anand