Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Magic Words ...

Once upon a time in a small village, far beyond the mountains, there was a man named Maanav, who wanted to make it big in the world of words. He saw stories in every grain of sand and every drop of water. But whenever he sat to write them, no words would come to him. He went up the mountains and deep into the sea, but words seem to run away from him. He sat for days with his bunch of blank sheets of paper, hoping to write a line that would be the beginning. He was always sad and depressed. His wife Sarada was worried about his plight.

"I wish you would write and I could see you happy ..." She said to him with a tear in her eye.

But he knew nothing but to keep following his passion. That was the time, when a sage came to the village. Stories about him from far and wide reached the village like a raging storm. Everyone wanted to get a glimpse of him and seek his blessings. They believed he had a solution to every pain in the world. Sarada finished her chores and rushed to seek a solution for her problem - a husband who never cared. She went up to the sage, who was serenely silent with his closed eyes and smiling face.

"Will he ever write a line ..." she asked the sage.

The sage looked at her, gently smiled and said:

"Ask him to meet me by the river side in the morning and he shall ..."

Sarada returned home happy to find Maanav sitting on his chair with his bunch of blank sheets. She gasped for air and panting:

"God bless the sage" she said, "He asked you to meet him by the riverside. You will write and be happy again"

Maanav saw a glimmer of hope in his life and decided to be at the riverside when the morning sun peeps out to the day. Long before dawn, he rushed to the riverside and waited for the sage. He had butterflies in his stomach and was excited about the change the day could bring in his life. He saw the sage walk towards the river with the sun rising behind his head. He felt as if God himself was coming to give him the words that would change his life. Manav touched the sage’s feet. The sage smiled and gave him a feather...

"Write the best words and you shall start writing ..." He said to Maanav.

He rushed back home without even waiting to thank the sage and one the way kept thinking.

"What could be that magic phrase ...?”

He reached home and sat on his chair. Took his bunch of papers and tried to write:
"Love ... prayer ... care ... compassion ... friendship"

But his feather never budged. He tried to search for the magic words in all that he has seen in his life... But alas ... the feather would not move in the paper. He sat there without food or water the whole day ... no words seemed magical to start his writing. He was slowly losing hope...

Evening sun hid under the sea and the village had a golden moment when everything seemed to be drenched in the golden hue of the setting sun. Mannav’s son Dhruv came running home to his father...

"Baappu ... did you write ... can I see ..." asked Dhruv.

Maanav lost all hope. Threw the paper and the feather away and walked away in sadness. Dhruv knew not what had befallen his baappu. Dhruv saw the papers in the corner and a beautiful feather. He went and picked up the paper and the feather....

He wrote on the paper "Thank you ..." and the feather moved like a gliding bird, writing in golden letters. Maanav saw Dhruv writing and saw the golden words of magic. His eyes filled with tears and ran back to the sage. He fell to his feet and apologized for his acts with all the gratitude in his heart for having taught him the worthiest lesson in the world.

And Maanav wrote his first few lines:

I have words to tell the world so wide
Which sees the life with ebb and tide
I live to say the magic words to all
I thank the Gods and thank you all...

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