Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Saptaah and his children

Long ago in the span of time, there was a time when no one knew the name of days. Then lived a scholar, Saptaah, who had seven wives. All were about to give birth to a child and each one gave birth to a child on consecutive days, from the day when the sun shined bright. Everyone was happy and so was the scholar. He was thinking of naming the kids. He wanted to give the names in a way that they would be known throughout the world for what they are. So he asked the heavens to send him the celestial bodies to choose the names for his children from

First came the sun and he said:

I am the sun, the mighty one
I give the shine to everyone
Name the son, the eldest one
He would be the dutiful one

Saptaah was happy and named his eldest one Sun and named the day of the week "Sunday" after the sun.

Then came the beautiful moon and she said:

I am Luna, the shining moon
I change my stunning looks so soon
Give your daughter the only boon
She will be glowing like the moon

Saptaah named her beautiful daughter after the moon, about whom the world talks still about the beauty. He named her Luna and the day of the week she was born as Monday after the moon. 

Then came the god of the Norse Tyr. And he said:

I am Tyr the lord of mars and 
I fight the world with a single hand
Name the son who rules the land
Be known to all as fiery brand

Saptaah named his third son after Tyr as Twis and named the day he was born as Twisday after the Norse God Tyr and the day dedicated to Mars.

Then was the turn of Lord Woden
He said:

I am close to the sun
So shall be your son
He would be the one
Who would have the fun

Saptaah named his fourth sun after the Lord Woden, the lord of Mercury, Music and the souls. The day came to be known after him as Wodensday and later Wednesday. Then was the turn of the fourth son. The strong and powerful one among the seven. Thor, the Norse God came forward and said:

I am Thor, the mighty thunder
Everyone sees me in wonder
May this boy be named after me
He would be as strong as me

Saptaah named his son Thor and after him the day was known as Thor's day or Thursday, the day of thunder. The turn came to name the beautiful daughter... Saptaah searched the heavens to find the most beautiful Venus. She came forward to give her name to the daughter and said:

I am also known as Frige
Beauty no one can ever reach
Give her my name today
As she will be known everyday

And the child was named Venus and the day she was born came to be known after the Anglo Saxon Goddess Frige popularly known as Venus. 

The only God who was left to give a name was the lord of Saturn Titan Cornus, and he was the father of Zeus and the Olympians. With his one eye and stout body, he was scary to look at, Saptaah sadly gave the name to the seventh child as Cornus and the day came to be known as Saturn’s day or Saturday. Cornus spoke thus:

He will not be the mighty son
Nor would he get everything done
But he would change the lives of men
Time will tell you what he is then.

The kids grew up blaming everything on the little one. Cornus was sad and felt low at heart, but had the intellect of the Titans and kept silent till the day arrived. The seven had to cross a river and knew not how. Sun wanted Thor to take him across, Venus was taken across by Luna. Tyr took Woden along and who was left was Cornus. Everyone laughed at him and mocked him as he had no one to help him. Cornus was left alone in the forest and the others went home. Nightfall brought darkness with it and Cornus was all alone, the witches came and tried to scare him, but he stood still, smiling all the way... Seeing the brave child, seeing the scary witches, the queen of witches gave him a wand, with which he could change what he wanted. Cornus thanked her and walked his way through the forest.

He wished for light and light it was, he crossed the river with the bridge he wished, on the way he cured the ill and made them smile all the way. For all those who knew the powers, Cornus was the best to be with. And Cornus was never sad or depressed again.

Everyday has its own importance so make your Monday a Marvelous Monday, Tuesday a Terrific Tuesday, Wednesday a Wonderful Wednesday, Thursday a thrilling Thursday, Friday a Freaky Friday, Sunday a super Sunday and last but not the least Saturday a special supreme Saturday... More than knowing what you don't, you need to know what you have in you. 

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