Friday, November 19, 2010

Nov 19, 2010 - Log 1

How often have you thought why we consider some writings as classics and the others just as some writings?

The answer is simple the classics lived through ages and mean something to our daily lives. The Indian classics or be it the renaissance literary works. Each one of them is special in its own ways. I dedicate this day to the age old teachings of a person who still lives in the minds of a lot of people and said things which are applicable even after more than thousand years. Written during 4th Century AD by Thiruvalluvar the poet has 1330 couplets which can make a life of a person easy and teach him the essence of everyday life. It is beyond religion, but speaks of god. Its not a political treatise but teaches you governance. It is not philosophy but teaches you life. Of the 1330 couplets the first one for you all today.

"akara muthala ezhuththellam aadi 
bhagavan muthatrae ulaku"

These lines of seven words tell you a fact which you might not have thought. Like the alphabet of any language, the first letter or the sound first produced by a human is "a" or "aa" everything in this world starts with GOD (aadibhagavan). this couplet gives us the impetus to go forward in anything with God in front of us. "aadi" means the first and "bhagavan" literally means "possessing fortune, blessed, prosperous". So if at all you are an atheist then the first blessed or the first prosperous person in this world can mean worship of success through work. So whatever you might think of the existence or non existence of god this couplet stands true for everyone. So a piece of work which has stood the test of time since 4th Century AD and does not point to any religion is really a work which is supreme and classic.

We need to open our eyes to our culture. I read in a blog as well as forwarded videos that Lord Macaulay in 1835 had mentioned that India cannot be conquered unless we loose our respect towards our culture and heritage. Lets not close our eyes and think its dark. Lets respect our culture, literature, heritage and all that our land has given us. 

"vaazhka bhaaratham"

Be proud of India and Long live its culture and heritage...

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