Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nov 23, 2010 - Log 6 - Two Sides of a coin

A simple expression - there are two sides to a coin - is the most thoughtful idiom I can think of at this instant. As a very straight forward look at this expression would mean there are two angles to look at a particular point. 

A hero for some could be a villain for another. So does it mean that any hero could be a villain and any thief could be a hero. Think about it. There are some remarks we make on certain people believing what you sense or heard about the person is factual. Is there a permanent truth in this world - dubious. Believers might say God is the universal truth and permanent. What about everything else. 

I would like you to think about some important events in the times gone by. Here, let me suggest some of them. 

Let’s think about the Kargil war. In India those who fought in the wars are heroes, but people in Pakistan they were the reason for the bereavement of many of their family members. For us when we look at our side of the coin it is right. Isn’t there another side of the coin for the same. So, one point you would agree with me is that hostilities is not good for any country or its people - that would be a truth. But does it stop the warfare in the world. Think of the armaments manufactured around the world. It promotes war, so one side of the coin is that such industries would lead to the bad of mankind. But does it not feed the thousands of families who work in the industry. But that does not justify the industries motives, but still there exists a side of the coin for that too.

Whenever there is a social disturbance the law enforcement try to control it and save the lives of people, but in the process there are losses. Be it loss of life or money riots are not good for the society. But those who loose their lives by the hands of the police will create a lacuna in their families. That also doesn’t justify the demonstrations nor does it proves that the police force is wrong in doing so. Hence here also we see two sides of a coin.

Lets take the recent elections in Bihar, India. Laloo Prasad Yadav. The first impression you get when you look at him would be of an illiterate from a backward state. But how many know he is a law graduate and that he is capable of training the management students in premier management institutions, both in India and overseas. Or how many would believe that Bihar had shown exponential growth in many fields in the past few years when compared to many states in India. Lalooji had proved his mettle as a person who made Indian Railways a profitable entity was not influential. Does that mean he is a failure. The answer could be negative. 

Now in a different outlook when we look at the two sides of the coin in management, a look into the importance of the organization as a whole. Who is important - the top management, or the employees – white collar and blue collar. The discussion will go on and on. But it should the right blend of both for a successful and growing organization. 

Now we can arrive at a consensus that every coin should have two sides to it and has to be seen together or it won’t have its value.

All these examples are to make you think about just one thing. When someone criticizes you or mocks at you, it does not mean that you are not good or that you are terrible. It just means that the person who did it to you has not seen the other side of the coin. Just as the medicine for snake bite is cultured from the snake venom itself, the vaccines are the same as he disease causing organisms, the verbal assault and abuses thrown at you should be the source of energy for you to move forward. People would throw stones only at a tree with fruits (an old saying in South India). 

So whenever you take a coin in your hand the next time, smile and look at the two sides of it. Also think twice before you comment on someone or something. An unbiased comment can be reached at by looking at both sides of the coin. Wont you do so?

- vaazhka bhaaratham  -

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