Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Best smile ever...

Far off in a corner of the heavens, there was a contest being held to find the best smile on earth. All the smiles from around the universe had gathered there. Every smile had a charm of its own. All were decked up to look their best. Young old and new smiles were gathered to find who the winner of the contest would be. The judges King and Queen of "Hearts"arrived and all stood up. All laughs went silent, scorns and smirks went hiding behind the laughs who had assembled there for the contest.

The Jack of spades came forward and announced to the royal gathering:

"With the grace of the Lord, The King and Queen of hearts ... let the contest begin"

The excitement was building in the court room. And came forward "The sparkling smile" to the stage...

I am the one who reigns the winners
I live to show the world the gain
I bring laurels to the world of winners
Who win the hearts and reign

Everyone applauded. He was happy and gave way to the next. The "Shining Smile" came forward

I am the best a girl can have
I make her pretty and suave
I win the hearts of handsome men
No one knows why or when

Smirk and scorn had a laugh and walked away. Others applauded and waited for the next. That was when "Royal smile" came forward pushing away a few other smiles...

I live in the lips of kings and queens
I am best seen on the royal teens
I live not on any petty lips
Rare I am on adored lips

Many smiles from different parts of the world came and expressed their specialties. And came the run of a simple smile ... He came before everyone and stood silent. The court was mocking at him as the best of the world had already been there on the stage. 

The jack of Spade came and said
"Speak up or you will be thrown out"

The simple smile cleared his throat... trying to speak. But he was scared to stand before the royalty and other great smiles. Smiles that adorn the best of the best waited for him to speak. And he said in a soft voice, as that of a wind that blows in the morning and kisses the dew and not let it fall.

I am a simple smile & that's all I know
I have nothing more and I feel so low
All I know is to wipe the tears
And I come to clear some fears

I live in the lips of those who care
I see me not in those who dare
I have no difference with rich and poor
I live in the hearts so clear and pure

The court went silent. Even the King of Hearts went silent. The Queen was silent for a moment and then she put her hands together and applauded with all her heart. Tears of joy came running from behind the pillars of a the court and hugged The simple smile. And so the Simple smile was awarded "The Best Smile" in the world.

He still lives in you when you are happy. 
He sees you in the time of need, 
When you need some little courage 
And comes to you forever indeed.

Share a simple smile and make the world a little more happier.

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  1. I have no difference with the rich and poor - ������������

    Maan Gaye Ustad ! Simplicity is the key ! You have proved it with your writing and your smile once again !