Monday, February 15, 2016

Tears of joy

Far away from the buzz of life there was a village where tears lived. Tears of different kinds. Big and small, of pain and joy. Each day they set out to the world and lived their days in the eyes of people. Every time they flowed through the eyes of the people  they got stronger. Life moved on with each tear drop day after day. As the days went by the chief of the village saw one strange thing that was happening to them. Tears of joy were less in number and were slowly drying out. Some tears of joy were sick in bed and some dried up on the way back. Tears of sorrow, tears of despair and tears of distress were healthy and fat.

The chief said to everyone....

Find a way to keep them strong
Make it fast and not too long
We have the tears of joy today
We should treasure them everyday

To keep the tears of joy for tomorrow the chief took the tears to the mountains and the mountains said

Tears are salty and I have no way
To keep them healthy all the way
They will fall and wet my chest
I have no time for such a jest

So the tears went to the seas and requested to hide the tears of joy for tomorrow. And the sea replied

I have more salt than any of you
Have a place to hide a few
But once you shed them into me
Will not find them ever to see

The possibilities of hiding the tears of joy was getting weaker and weaker. They all went to a sage by the forest and told them their worry that the tears of joy are getting weaker by the day and the sage said

Laugh out loud and the world
Laughs with you for every word
But cry and you may cry aloud
To find you all alone in the world

But .... said the chief to the sage, The world is filled with people who want to tears of joy, they make it strong for all the negative ones...

The sage smiled and said to the chief

Tears are pearls that live a while
Ugly are the ones with pain
But they take away the pain a while
People have their peace again

Is there a way to find how to make tears of joy live again ... asked the chief

Look for mothers who love and care
Look for children who love to share
Look for little moments of joy
Look for innocence hid in a boy

Hide them now so no one sees
Hide them till the sea recedes
They are treasures seldom found
Hide them from the weeping ground

The chief thanked the sage and they all went to the world of love and met all they could. Each one came and took the tears in them and kept them hiding forever. Till now the tears of joy are rare to find but they hide in many ways and here are a few of the tips and tricks to bring them back really quick....

They hide in love and hide in care
They hide in a child's smile so bare
They hide in beauty and success
Shed them more and make them strong

Make a garland from the pearls called the tears of joy which come in disguise to you, find them and make it the ornament you would love to wear the cherish the moments of joy. Smile and laugh till you make the tears of joy flow and get strong for them to live tomorrow for you.

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