Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hearts of Love ...

Valentines day when the whole world celebrated love. The love that needed roses and gifts to express itself. A love that understood the needs of a loved one. The love that was as precious as a breath. And the world of celebrated the essence of Life - Love.

Long time ago there was no symbol to represent the love and those who expressed love were not sure how to represent love. That was the day when the eyes lips and heart had their importance more than any other day. The eyes lips and hearts around the world came together at the love world for once to decide who was more important to the lovers and the symbol of love. The most beautiful eye s fluttered like the most beautiful butterflies. The lips around the world looked their best at the congregation dishing the most beautiful words for the loved ones and looked like flowers in bloom. The hearts drummed away the beats of life and love, treasuring every moment and marking the passage of time....

The lord of love arrived to hear the most intriguing question in the world: " who is more important in love... the eyes lips or the hearts...

The best of the best eyes came forward before the Lord and said:

From the time of Adam, we adore beauty the best
We are the worshiped eyes that sweep the rest
We are the lovers that see the love and we are
The expression of love at its best, by far

The eyes that worship love, that see nothing when in love and the eyes of a mother in love with the child all applauded and the court was in awe and wonder how the lips and hearts will fare.

The luscious lips came to the front with the most beautiful smile ever and spoke:

We speak the love, share the love and we are
The best to say the verses of love by far
We come together and leave a feel of love
The warmth love lives in a kiss of love

The lips of poets that spoke the love, the lips of mother and lovers who shared the love and the lips that kissed the last when one loses the love all were in tears of joy when they heard the love.

The heavy heart came forward and spoke without skipping a beat:

I feel the love, I share the love, I feel the pain again
When in love and when its lost I bear the same again
I am the love of those who see no more, and the ones
Who say no more, I am the one to beat the last in love

The court went silent and felt the pain of the heavy heart. The mothers heart who bore the pain when her son left her for love, the lovers heart who bore the pain when his love left him far and all the hearts of the world present cried the tears of blood.

The eyes shut themselves in pain and the lips went mute, the hearts just went on to beat in love and still beat the same. The hearts still speak two words of love within and the words are nothing but: Love Love ...

The Lord of love made the heart the symbol of love and still stands true to this day. The celebration of love is with the hearts that we share, the hearts that care and the hearts that are aware of nothing but the love. The next time you see a loving heart have your hearts to speak. And I am sure that they would says the words of love.

Love is in the hearts that say
The words of love today
Have them beat for love and say
I share my heart today ...

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