Monday, February 8, 2016

The Miracle Factory ...

In the clouds above the snow capped mountains there was a miracle factory, where God designed special miracles for his loving children on the earth. He made them with care to suit the needs of each one. Every time it rained the factory would send all the miracles down to the earth. The miracles roam around searching for its rightful owners. They kept roaming for them to be picked up and embraced. The design was such that the embrace would get them activated. Some big some small but there was enough for one and all...

Many of the miracles were never picked up and were sad roaming around the hills and valleys. One of such miracles went up to the factory and knocked Gods doors. And God asked him:

"Why are you here and why are you sad?"

Miracle replied:

I went to my owner, but he doesn’t want me. He says I am small and of no use to him. Why did you make me like this and why doesn’t he want me?

God replied:

"You are the best I can give him, but he wants something which does not suit him. Go again and wait for his hug"

The small miracle came back to the earth with the blessings from God. He went again to his master and waited for him to be picked up. The master looked at him and said:

I asked God for something nice
Something that has its price
You are small and not so nice
Go away from me, I despise

Miracle went away sad for the time being... but to come back soon. Again the miracle was shooed off by his master. Seeing this a young man next door, went up to the miracle. 

He asked:

Oh little miracle... what ails you

And the miracle replied:

I am a drop of love, so small
He needs me not and sees me not
All he needs is name and fame
And love is all I have ever got

With a warm smile he said:

I have a home, but not so warm
But I stay alone and I stay calm
Come with me oh little one
Share my hugs to keep you warm

He picked the miracle and hugged him with all the warmth he had...
The miracle started working and the smiling miracle said:

I am a drop of love but not so small
I can change the world and hold a fall
I can change the luck and the lucky star
Will take you up and take you far

With the miracle of love, the young man prospered so well. He met the love of his life, a princess and was very happy. All the riches, name and fame reached him from far and wide. And one day the man who had shunned the miracle came to the court where the princess and the miracle man were hearing the worries of the lands subjects. He was sad, wrinkled and in shambles... his voice could be barely heard, but he spoke:

I have no life, and have no way
To live or eat once a day
Help me Lord and princess sweet
Can I make my both ends meet

The miracle man walked down the court steps and went and hugged the sad man. With tears in his eyes he said to him:

All I live is the life you gave
All these days I searched for you
These are wonders of the drop of love
Which you shunned, and threw
Was a gift from heaven above.

He gave him loads and loads of wealth that he had ever wanted. But he was never happy again. Miracles do happen when we embrace them with our heart. The best miracle you can get is a smile when your tears retreat. The miracle for you is waiting at your doorstep.... Go embrace it.

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